Cable Fence is a professional cable fence mesh supplier,provide variety of ss cable mesh,stainless fitting for cable fence systems,stainless steel cable fence mesh offer highest flexible,secure,artistic appreciation.

Such as guardrail fence,zoo mesh,animal enclosing,dog cages,rockfall protection etc.

Stainless Steel Cable Mesh Infill

Choose diamond opening ss cable mesh get highest safe required,Available two types of ferruled mesh and knotted mesh .

Feature of stainless steel cable fence mesh:

  • Flexible,elegant,discreet,filigreed,multifunctional.
  • Corrosion resistant,allows strong airflow.
  • Fully pro-enviroment,recyclable,no toxic and flammable.
  • Easy installation,cable mesh can be fixed on stainless steel tube post(frame) or stainiless steel cables tensioned with stainless fitting.
  • Whihle cable mesh & wire is using,maintenance free,don't ask any special cleaning or coating.
  • Long work life.

Easy installation

Supplied variety of loops and stainless fitting to help your cable fence install,cable fence mesh can be fixed on tube frame(post) or tensioned cables with stainless fitting.

Cable Fence (Ferruled Type)Cable Fence (Ferruled)
Zoo Mesh (Ferruled Type)Zoo Mesh (Ferruled)
Cable Fence (Knotted Type)Cable Fence (Knotted)
Zoo Mesh (Knotted Type)Zoo Mesh( Knotted)
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