Description Of Stainiless Steel Ferruled Mesh

Stainless Steel ferruled mesh has diamond mesh when you stretched at a angle,use stainless steel ferruled mesh on safe net,railing,balustrade systems etc

Mesh Structure

Stainless steel ferruled mesh was rhombus mesh,assembled by seamless ferrules and stainless cables.

Mesh open width (OW) and mesh open height (OH) is the distance between the middle ferrule and next middle ferrule when you are stretched at angle.such as 60°, 50°, 30°

Available ferrule material including tinned copper,nickel-plated copper and stainless steel.

60° 50° 30°

X Mesh Tend

Different aesthetic appreciation and application,stainless steel ferruled mesh can be fixed in the vertical line and horizontal line,customized mesh height and length to meet special project required.

Horizontal Line Vertical Line



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