Knotted Mesh

Knotted mesh also called hand-woven mesh,which is made from 304,316 stainiless steel cables by weaving,square opening when you stretched at 90° same as ferruled mesh, stainless steel cable knotted mesh is diamond opening when you stretched at 60° angle.

Feature Of Knotted Mesh

  • Flexible,safe,multifunctional.
  • Corrosion resistant,allows strong airflow.
  • Fully pro-enviroment,recyclable,no toxic and flammable.
  • Easy installation,woven cable mesh can be fixed on stainless steel tube post(frame) or stainiless steel cables tensioned with stainless fitting.
  • Once stainless steel knotted mesh is using,maintenance free,don't ask any special cleaning or coating.
  • Long using life.

Application Of Knotted Mesh

Zoo mesh,animal enclosure,monkey enclosure,aviary netting,security cable mesh fence,road safe, cable fence etc.

Knotted MeshKnotted Mesh
Square OpeningSquare Opening
Diamond OpeningDiamond Opening
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